The Three Little Pigs

Our Crafts N Things

We had so much fun focusing on The Three Little Pigs for our latest story.  Hunter loved the book and requested it several times each day.  Here are some of the fun activities we did to go along with the story:

Our Crafts N Things

He made houses of straw, sticks, and bricks.  We talked about first, then, and last.

Our Crafts N Things

We looked at his finished project and practiced retelling the story.

The next activity was one of Hunter’s all time favorite activities ever.  He had so much fun and kept playing with it long after we had finished.

Our Crafts N Things

First we set built a straw house and put one little pig inside.  He used his wolf that he got when we went to the Great Wolf Lodge and pretended to be the wolf.

Our Crafts N Things

Next we made a house of sticks and put two little pigs inside.

Our Crafts N Things

Last we made a house of bricks with all the pigs inside.

Hunter loved, loved, loved acting out the story this way!

Our Crafts N Things

We also made a wolf craft and

Our Crafts N Things

a pig craft.

We had so much fun with The Three Little Pigs!!

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