Rainforest Unit


We recently finished up a really fun rainforest unit. We both had a lot of fun and learned so much!


Of course, we read lots of books about the rainforest.


These are some of our favorite books that we read about the rainforest.  We learned a lot from both fiction and non fiction books.


Hailey made this rainforest layer craftivity from The Razzle Dazzle Classroom.


The outside shows and labels the different layers of the rainforest.


The flaps open up and on the inside there is information about each layer of the rainforest.


One day I put all of this food out- cinnamon, coffee, bananas, tea, pineapple, nuts, sugar, coconut, and chocolate.  I asked Hailey if she knew what they all had in common.  She was surprised to learn that they all come from the rainforest.  Of course, we did a little sampling of the food :-)


She made a little poster about the different foods that come from the rainforest.


We also made this fantastic diorama of the rainforest.


Closer look at the emergent layer.


Closer look at the canopy.


Closer look at the understory.


Closer look at the forest floor.


Hailey made this great display to show what she learned about the rainforest.  She included plants, food, and animals from the rainforest.  She also colored a map to show where the rainforests are located.  She added some information about camouflage, how important the rainforest is for the world’s oxygen, and some fun facts.


Hailey and her rainforest display at our educational fair with our homeschool co-op group.

Hailey worked really hard on this unit and she had a great time!  It made me so happy to hear her ask if she could learn more about the rainforest!

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