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A couple of weeks ago Hunter told me he was ready to start doing school again.  So, I thought I’d put together some letter A activities to see how it went before I started doing lots of planning.  We spent 2 weeks on the letter A and every day he was asking me for more work to do.


Hunter colored a letter A crown from Sing With Me Through the ABCs.


He made a letter a door hanger from Sing With Me Through the ABCs that hung up on his door all week.


He also colored a letter A paper from Sing With Me Through the ABCs.


He made this cute A wand from Sing With Me Through the ABCs.


He used water colors to paint this paper from Sing With Me Through the ABCs.


Hunter used a foam letter to stamp As onto a piece of paper.


He made the letter A craft from the Animal ABCs.  He cut out the alligators with some help.


Hunter kept asking for more to do, so I found this cute letter A coloring page at Just Color.


We played hide and seek with the foam letter A- I hid the letter and Hunter had to find it.


Hunter stamped letter As and glued foam letter As onto this paper from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Other stuff:


He practiced his colors with this alligator paper from the Animal ABCs.


Hunter worked on some gears.


He entertained Harper with the gears while I worked with Hailey on her school work.


He did some building.


We worked on patterns- I made the orange and purple one and then he made the yellow and purple one.


He played with Play-Doh.


He built a “flying car” with his Legos.


He played with his Legos with Harper.


He read books with Harper.

Hunter had a great couple of weeks working on the letter A.  I am hoping his enthusiasm continues.
We also did a unit on The Snowy Day which I am going to be posting soon.

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One comment on “Preschool- Letter A

  1. Shannon on said:

    I love your ABC board – did you make your own alphabet cards or use flash cards? I want to recreate one for my 3-year-old.

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