Scientific Method

Hailey loves to do science experiments and she would gladly do one every day if I would let her.  I don’t want her to do experiments just for the sake of doing experiments (although that is fun too!) so I have been trying to help her see the purpose behind experimenting.  I started teaching Hailey about the scientific method and how that works with experimenting.  I found a really easy experiment to try to help her understand the scientific method.  We went through all of the steps as we did the experiment.


We had three glasses of water- one cold water, one room temperature water, and one hot water.  Then we had three effervescent tablets.  We asked questions, formed a hypothesis, observed what happened, got results, came up with a conclusion, and finally shared what we learned.

Hailey’s hypothesis was that the tablet would dissolve fastest in the hot water.  So, then we put the tablets in to test it out to see what would happen.  The tablet in the hot water dissolved the fastest, within just seconds it was gone.  The cold water took the longest.  It was a fun way to put the scientific method into practice!

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