Third Grade Curriculum 2014-2105

Here is a look at our plans for third grade:

Third Grade Curriculum

Language Arts:

Third Grade Curriculum

We are using Rod and Staff Building English 3- we used level 2 last year and Hailey really liked it. (4x per week)
All About Spelling (4x per week)
A Reason for Handwriting (4x per week)
Daily 6- Trait Writing (4x per week)
Critical and Creative Thinking Activities (4x per week)

Third Grade Curriculum

Here are some of the books I will read to Hailey this year, although chances are good she will end up being the one reading some of them.

Third Grade Curriculum

Here are some of the books Hailey will read aloud to me.  She has actually already read a good portion of them this summer, so I am going to need to find some more for her to read during the school year.


Third Grade Curriculum

I had purchased Story of the World to use for History, as well as History Pockets to go with it.  Then we reviewed Veritas Press Old  Testament and Ancient Egypt and Hailey loved it and begged to continue using it this fall.  Since both cover ancient history I am going to use both- it will be nice to use Veritas Press because it is online and won’t require much work on my part- and with a newborn I know that will be very helpful.  But, I will add in some of the reading and activities from Story of the World to go along with it. (4x per week)

Third Grade Curriculum

For geography we are using Daily Geography Practice and the United States Sticker Book.  Hailey also receives Little Passports USA and Highlights USA, so each week we will focus on one state.  (2x per week)


Third Grade Curriculum

We are going to try out Grapevine this year and see how we like that.  We’re starting with Part 1- Creation to Jacob and will move on to part 2 when we finish that if we are enjoying it. (4x per week)


Third Grade Curriculum

We are going to use Science in the Beginning this year and add in some fun unit studies along the way.  (2x per week)


Third Grade Curriculum

Teaching Textbooks 4 is my plan for math.  (4x per week)


Third Grade Curriculum

We are using Health, Safety, and Manners from A Beka for Health. (2x per week)

So, that is my plan for third grade.  I am sure things will change along the way, but this is the plan for now.

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