Field Trip Fun

Recently we went on a field trip with some other homeschoolers to see a presentation at a science museum. Hailey and I had lots of fun (while Hunter had fun with grandma 🙂 ).


We learned what a comet is made of and saw a little demonstration of how they work.


We learned how far apart the planets in our solar system are.  To try to give the kids an idea of how far apart the planets are, each child represented a different planet and stood in a line a certain distance apart.  The kids thought it was great that some of them had to go all the way outside.


Hailey with Mars.


Posing with a space shuttle.


Hailey holding a meteorite and I can’t remember what the other rock was called 🙁  The meteorite was magnetic, smooth and much heavier than the other rock.  The other rock looked like it had tiny little holes in it.  If anyone knows the name of the other rock, please let me know 🙂


She also made a glow worm


We ended our field trip with the kids checking out some telescopes.

It was lots of fun and we both learned a lot!!

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