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We are having another snowstorm right now so it is hard to believe it, but Easter will be here before we know it.  It’s only a little over a month away so it’s time to start thinking about what kind of activities I want to do for Easter.  I was able to review Egglo Entertainment which has some new ideas for Easter activities.

Egglo Review
Egglo can be used in a family setting, a homeschool group setting or as a church activity.  We were able to check out The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure which is a soft cover book that makes a connection between the gospel of Jesus and doing an Easter egg hunt.  The book normally costs $12.99, but is currently on sale for $9.99.  In the story there are 3 kids and their dog who find a glowing Easter egg in a treasure chest.  They set off on an adventure and find the greatest treasure of all.  We also received Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs, so that we could have our own glow in the dark Easter egg hunt.  A box of 12 eggs normally costs $11.99, but is currently on sale for $9.99.  The glow in the dark eggs help children to understand that Jesus is the light of the world.  The product is geared for kids from ages 4-13, but I think it can be easily adapted to use with any age.
Egglo Review
So, what did we think of Egglo Entertainment?
I used Egglo with Hailey, age 7 in second grade.  In addition, Hunter age 2 wanted to be included, so he did most of the activities with us as well.


We started out with Hailey reading The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure book.  The book was a little long, so we used The Egg-cellent Easter Adenture (book audio download) to finish the story when she got tired of reading.  The audio download is $2.99 and is 30 minutes long.


Hailey read the Easter story and we talked about it.  There is big difference this year in her understanding of Jesus dying for us.  She said, “Why do we have to read this story?  It’s sad.”  But then, of course, she liked the happy ending 🙂

I had gone through The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Program Guide ahead of time and picked some various activities.  The program guide is $14.99 and is basically a curriculum to go along with the book and the Egglo eggs.  It is 60 pages long and is full of fun ideas that can be used within your family or church group to help you put together a great learning experience for your children.


Hailey and Hunter loved the snack that we made- we talked about how Jesus had died but that rose again and his tomb was empty.  We made the He is Not Here snack, which they both loved making.


The donut represents the tomb and the cookie in front of it is the stone that was rolled away to reveal an empty tomb.


Of course, they enjoyed eating their delicious snack after we talked about it.  The guide also had some recommended questions to ask the kids while they eat the treats.

Since there were a lot of great activities to do, I spread it out over 2 days.


The next day we made some really yummy Light of the World snacks.  Our marshmallows represented a flashlight or a torch and we talked about how important it is to have a light source when it is dark.  (These snacks were sooooo good!!  This was my favorite treat.)


We did a fun scripture scramble to help Hailey learn the memory verse- John 1:5- The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not overcome it.

As you can see, everything nicely connects together and reinforces the idea that Jesus is the light of the world.

We ended our Egglo fun with a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt.  Since we still have snow on the ground, we did it inside once it got dark enough.  I charged the eggs under the chandelier in our dining room, then hid them around our house.  Hailey and Hunter had a blast finding the eggs!


Once they found all the eggs, Hailey read the Egglo Treasure Scripture Scrolls ($4.29 for 12) that I had placed in the eggs ahead of time.

There is so much that you can do with the products from Egglo Entertainment!  It can be hard to come up with ideas and activities for Easter, other than the same old thing that people do year after year.  It was nice to have something new to try!

So, here is what it boils down to for me:

Fun, new ideas for Easter activities
Can be used with a wide age range
Everything ties together very nicely to help children understand that Jesus is the light of the world.

The book was a little bit long, which might be an issue for younger children.  But, that can be solved by not reading it all at once.

Want to see some more of Egglo Entertainment?  Check them out here:


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