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The weeks are really flying by!  I can’t believe it will be Christmas next week.  Anyway, we just finished unit 11 and had a great week.


This week in history we learned about the pilgrims working to build their homes now that they had decided where to settle.


Hailey looked over a map to see the route that the pilgrims took and looked to see the routes that other explorers before them had taken.


The pilgrims did not have glass to use for windows as they built their homes.  Instead they used brown paper and brushed oil on them to let more sunlight through.  So, Hailey rubbed some oil on a brown paper bag to see what happened.


Hunter made one too, but he did not cover his whole paper with oil.  So we held it up to the window to see the difference in the light that came through.


Hailey built a pilgrim house using Lincoln Logs


The finished house


We cut some pieces from the brown oiled paper to use as windows in the house.  Those windows must have let in a lot of cold air.


We have been doing a unit all about owls.  Our favorite part of the unit was dissecting some owl pellets.

Owl Unit

Here are just a few of the bones we found in the owl pellet.

Language Arts:

We are still reading through Little House in the Big Woods.  Hailey really is not enjoying this book.  I had hoped we would love it but we are just having a hard time getting into the book.  Instead of begging me to read more like she usually does, she asks if we can skip reading for the day 🙁

Little House in the Big Woods

Hailey did a little mapping activity to go along with the book.  She had to use the key on the map and then follow the directions to see where to add the different details on the map.


Copywork using her poem for the week.

We are working through a super fun Gingerbread Unit and I’m pretty sure we have read every version of the Gingerbread Man that there is.  There are lots of cute books and ideas to go along with them.

Gingerbread Unit

We read both “Gingerbread Baby” and then “Gingerbread Friends” and we really enjoyed both.  After we read “Gingerbread Friends” Hailey made this cute beginning, middle and end project.

Gingerbread Unit

We also enjoyed “Gingerbread Man Loose in the School” and then Hailey made a gingerbread man that looked like the one from the book and a missing poster to go along with him.  We took turns hiding the gingerbread man and then searching for him.

Gingerbread Unit

After we read “The Gingerbread Cowboy,” Hailey made this candy cane cactus.

Gingerbread Unit

The candy cane cactus hanging on our classroom tree.

Our Crafts N Things

We played Hangman to practice Hailey’s spelling words.


Our Crafts N Things

We added this cute tree to our classroom and then added decorations to it throughout the week.

Our Crafts N Things

One day we decided that, rather than doing our regular schedule, Hailey would throw a ball at our routine and whatever the ball hit was what we would do next.

One more week until our Christmas vacation!!  We are excited!

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