Week in Review

I am behind in my posting again, I have just been so busy!!  Here is a quick look at what we did 2 weeks ago.

Week In Review

Hailey made this soldier when we learned about Veterans Day.

Week In Review

Hailey is learning about money in math.  We played a game with the coins- each person had to roll the die and then use the coins to make the amount that was rolled.  The first person to reach 25 cents was the winner.

Week In Review

We continued our Thanksgiving Unit study, using a unit from The Razzle Dazzle Classroom.

This week we learned about the Wampanoag Indians.  There is a lot of great information on Scholastic, we really enjoyed using this site.  We also read “If You Lived in the Time of Squanto” and Hailey made this project based on what she learned.

Week In Review

The cover of her Wampanoag project.

Week In Review

The inside of project.  On the left she drew what the Wampanoag homes looked like during the summer vs the winter and the wrote a little about each.  On the right she drew and wrote about what the Wampanoag men and women wore.  In the middle she did the jobs and food and then drew a picture of a Wampanoag village.  She had fun making this and we both learned a lot!

Week In Review

In language arts Hailey has been learning about irregular plural nouns- we played a fun matching game to get a little practice.

Language Arts

Hailey loves to read!!  We are using the emerging readers that go with Heart of Dakota.  Right now the books are too easy for her, but things are going to pick up soon.

Spider Unit

In science we did a unit all about spiders.  You can see the full unit here.

Week In Review

Hailey also put on a little puppet show for us.  She wrote a script, made puppets and painted scenes.  She worked hard and did a great job!!

Week In Review

Another scene in the show 🙂

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  1. Such cute activities. The lapbook is darling 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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