Heart of Dakota- BLHFHG Unit 7

I am trying to catch up on my posts, so I am doing another post this week about what we have been doing in school.  I get too confused and can’t remember what we did which week when I get behind!  So, here is a summary of what we did last week:


This week we learned that the Pilgrims decided to leave Holland and head to America.  They would have to leave all of their friends and would not be able to bring very much with them.


I saw this cute idea at The First Grade Parade.  Hailey had to pretend she could only bring one suitcase with her and decide what she would bring.  I thought her answers were cute.

Language Arts:

Heart of Dakota- BLHFHG

While reading our adventure book we created this staircase.  Each step has a problem that happened during the story written on it.  As the problem was solved Hailey colored that step.


Singapore Math

In math Hailey is learning to add with double digits.  She practiced by using pennies and ones and dimes for tens.

Unit Study:

We finished up learning about bats this week (several of the activities we did came from Batty for Bats and Stellaluna), and the started a unit about spiders.

Bat Unit

We learned how a mother bat uses her sense of smell to find her baby bat.  I dipped cotton balls into different things like vinegar, vanilla, coffee and perfume.  I let Hailey pick a “baby” and then I blindfolded her and had her find her “baby” using her sense of smell.

Bat Unit

Hailey made this project as part of the super fun Stellaluna unit we did.

Bat Unit

The inside.

Bat Unit

Hailey wrote an acrostic poem about bats.

Bat Unit

Hailey just started a spider unit and this was our first experiment.  We learned how spiders eat their prey by injecting venom into it, which turns the insect into liquid and then the spider drinks the food.  We put our prey (a sugar cube) in a cup.  Then we injected it with venom (water) and drank our prey.

It was a really fun week!!

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