Poppins Book Nook- Seasons


The theme this month for the Poppins Book Nook is seasons.


We read the book “The reasons for the Seasons” by Gail Gibbons and learned why the seasons change.

Apple Unit

Since the current season is fall and we have been working on a fall unit study, I decided to focus on fall and leaves.  This binder has the different mini-units that we are covering this fall- apples, leaves, etc.

Poppins Book Nook

Each mini-unit has a section in the binder.  This is the leaf section with this printable from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom glued onto a divider for our leaf section.

Poppins Book Nook

Since we made a lapbook for our apple study, I decided to do something a little smaller for our leaf study.  Hailey glued these few activities onto the back side of the divider for the leaf mini-unit.

Poppins Book Nook

The Leaves book comes from Enchanted Learning.

Poppins Book Nook

You can find the accordion style book about why leaves change color here.

Poppins Book Nook

I wrote leaf related vocabulary words on leaf shaped cards and we did several activities with those.

Poppins Book Nook

There are many pages of work that Hailey did in this mini-unit.  This leaf observation page comes from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom and the super fun leaf unit she has available.

Poppins Book Nook

Hailey also did a leaf rubbing.

Fall Tree Craft

She made this Fall Tree Craft, using a leaf to paint.

Fall Tree Craft

We also made this Fall Tree Handprint Craft.


Hailey and Hunter dressed up in the color of chlorophyll one day.  It was amazing how excited Hailey was about doing this and how quickly she got ready for school!

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Each month you will have a chance to win a book from the Poppins Book Nook group related to the theme of the month.  This month you have a chance to win Four Seasons Make a Year.  The only rule is that you must live in the US to win.

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2 comments on “Poppins Book Nook- Seasons

  1. We selected this storybook for this month’s Poppins Book Nook theme as well! Great minds think alike 🙂 Love all the learning activities that you tied together to go along with this theme and book. I think that is too cute that your kids dressed up like chlorophyll! Thank you for also including and using my Leaf Unit Study 🙂

  2. Ashley Moore on said:

    So many great activities to learn about fall!

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