Helen Keller Book Report

We finished up reading Helen Keller by Margaret Davidson and we also watched The Miracle Worker. Hailey and I really enjoyed both!  We did a few fun activities about Helen Keller.  As a final project, I had Hailey do a cereal box book report.  She worked really hard and enjoyed working on it.

Cereal Box Book Report

Here is the cover of the cereal box she created- Keller Crunch.  She included a picture of Helen Keller, a picture of what the cereal looked like and a picture of the prize included inside the cereal box.  She used a doll for the prize because Helen Keller loved dolls.

Cereal Box Book Report

Using printables we found here, Hailey made the “ingredients” of her cereal- the main characters and setting of the book.

Cereal Box Book Report

Hailey wrote a summary about Helen Keller.

Cereal Box Book Report

On the back of the box, Hailey created a game.  She made a word search, and all of the words included were people or things that were important to Helen Keller.

Hailey loved making her book report and even asked if she could do the same thing for the book we are currently reading 🙂

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2 comments on “Helen Keller Book Report

  1. School Time Snippets on said:

    Absolutely love love love this idea! So creative: I’ve not seen it before! Your daughter did a wonderful job!

  2. Addelah on said:

    We really enjoyed reading this book and you made it so exciting with a really neat book report! Your daughter did fabulous!

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