Heart of Dakota- BLHFHG Unit 5

Has another week really come and gone? It just doesn’t seem possible!  This school year is going by so quickly.  I have actually gotten a little bit behind in my posts.  I am just now posting about unit 5, but we are going to be starting unit 7 tomorrow.  Anyway…

We started a new behavior chart a few weeks ago.  When Hailey has had 5 outstanding days on our chart she earns a reward.  Hailey made a list of the rewards she wanted to work towards- she has things like skip a subject, extra snack, computer time instead of calendar time, pajama day, show and tell, etc.  So, she had earned 5 outstandings and decided she wanted to pick show and tell for her reward.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Hailey showed us her American Doll, Aveena and told us all about her.  Then she showed us her stuffed dog Mike and told us all about him.  She loved doing show and tell!


In history this week we learned about how the Pilgrims found Holland to be very different than England.  Streets were canals and houses looked very different.  Everything was very different for the children and adults and the children even started learning to speak some Dutch.

Language Arts:

Heart of Dakota

Hailey working on putting her poem for the week in order.

Heart of Dakota

Hailey’s illustration for her poem.

Heart of Dakota

Practicing spelling words… I am running out of fun ideas for practicing and would love some suggestions.

2nd Grade Language Arts

We have been learning about nouns and for a fun activity I had Hailey tell me a short story.  I wrote it on the board and had her erase all the nouns.  Then without looking, she named off new nouns to fill in the blanks.  Our own little Mad Libs :-).  It was a lot of fun and turned out really silly.

2nd Grade Language Arts

We started learning about common nouns and proper nouns.

2nd Grade Language Arts

Hailey made a word search with common and proper nouns.

2nd Grade Language Arts

We are doing an interactive language notebook, so Hailey added a page for common and proper nouns.

unit5-2nd Grade Language Arts

Working on listing common and proper nouns in her notebook.

2nd Grade Language Arts

Hailey did a cereal box book report about Helen Keller.

Heart of Dakota

We started a new book this week.  It’s an adventure book, so we started out with a treasure hunt.

Heart of Dakota

Hailey loved the treasure hunt!  She thought we should do one everyday 🙂


Heart of Dakota

During science we learned about the heart and then listened to each others hearts using an empty paper towel tube.

Columbus Day:

Columbus Day Activities

Since these are activities from a few weeks ago, we made a boat for Columbus.

Columbus Day Activities

Then we made this fun map.  You can see everything we did here.

Unit Study:


Our Unit Study was all about leaves.  One day I had Hailey and Hunter dress in the color of chlorophyll 🙂

Fall Tree Craft

Hailey also made this cute Fall Tree Craft.

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