Heart of Dakota- BLHFHG Unit 2

Our second week of homeschooling is complete and was a success 🙂

Homeschool Calendar

Hailey practicing counting by 3s during calendar time.


Hailey read her journal to Hunter.


This week we read about Sally and Richard, two kids who lived in Jamestown, and what it was like for them.  Hailey really enjoys the readings each day and doesn’t want me to stop reading.

Heart of Dakota BLHFHG Unit 2

One of the readings was about Richard getting lost and Sally searching for him.  Hailey drew a map to show where Richard went.

Language Arts:

Heart of Dakota BLHFHG Unit 2

Hailey’s illustration of her poem from this week.

Heart of Dakota BLHFHG Unit 2

Hailey is working through the Emerging Readers and started with The Beginner’s Bible.  She is enjoying reading it, although it is not challenging her.  I am hoping it is building confidence for when we move on to the more difficult books.

We are using Rod and Staff Preparing to Build English 2 for grammar and I am finding it to be boring.  I have been looking at Pinterest trying to find some ideas to make it a bit more fun.


Singapore Math

This week in math I introduced the concept of division.  Hailey picked some fairies and then had to give each of them an equal amount of Cheeze Its.  She loves the activities we do like that.  She’s not a fan of the work in her math book, but she loves our hands on activities.


Hailey is really enjoying science.  We only have it 2 times each week, but she is always so excited when I tell her we are doing science.  Even though the activities seem very simple she really enjoys them.

Heart of Dakota BLHFHG Unit 2

Hailey had to pick an animal from a different climate that she wanted to learn more about.  She decided she wanted to learn more about giraffes.  After we read about giraffes she picked a stuffed animal and narrated a play to show what she had learned.

We also studied tree squirrels and how they stretch out their legs and flatten their bodies and tales and then glide through the air.  We did the following experiment:

Heart of Dakota BLHFHG Unit 2

Hailey dropped a piece of paper that was crumpled up.

Heart of Dakota BLHFHG Unit 2

Then she dropped a flat piece of paper.  She immediately made the connection to the tree squirrels flattening out their bodies.

Heart of Dakota BLHFHG Unit 2

 This is Hailey’s notebooking page for the our tree squirrel experiment.


Heart of Dakota BLHFHG Unit 2

Hailey and Hunter really liked the song that went with our Bible verse this week and had a lot of fun dancing along with it.

Unit Study:

We are still learning all about apples.


Hailey made applesauce with the apples we picked last week.

Apple Crisp

We also made apple crisp.

Apple Crisp



Apple Tree Craft

We made this simple Apple Tree Craft.

Apple Poem Craft

We also made this Apple Life Cycle Craft.

Field Trips:

We went on 2 field trips and had lots of fun!

Field Trip

First Hailey and I went to see The Three Little Pigs opera.  It was so cute and she loved it!!

Field Trip

Hailey with the three pigs and the big bad wolf after the show.

Field Trip

We also went to see how donuts are made.

Field Trip

We got to see the process for making apple cider too.

Field Trip

After all of the juice has been squeezed out of the apple this is what is left.  It was pretty neat to see.

We are all ready for another fun week of homeschooling!!

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2 comments on “Heart of Dakota- BLHFHG Unit 2

  1. School Time Snippets on said:

    Oh such fun field trips!! Definitely looks like a fun week. : ) and my three kiddos ( 6, 2, 9 months) love the music in HOD, too!

  2. Yum on the donuts!!! Looks like your family is enjoying Beyond Little Hearts as much as we are 🙂 Fun apple unit, too!

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