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We are preparing for our annual trip to Disney World, and since we go every year we own all of the different autograph books that are sold in Disney World.  We want to have something a little different, so Hailey decided that she wanted to make her own for this trip.

Disney Autograph Books

Disney Autograph Books

Here is what we used to make our books:
small scrapbooks (you can use any size you like, but we picked 6×6)
refill pages for the scrapbooks
scrapbook stickers

Disney Autograph Books

I took the cardstock to Kinkos and brought one of the pages from the scrapbook and asked them to cut the cardstock down to the same size and to drill holes in the same spots.  I’m sure I could have done it myself, but it only cost about $5, so it was worth it to me to have them do it.

Disney Autograph Books

I decorated the front of Hunter’s book since he isn’t old enough to do it.

Disney Autograph Books

Then I put the cardstock in between all of the scrapbook pages, so that every other page will be a spot for a character to sign.  Then when we get home we’ll add pictures with the characters.  The book only came with 10 pages in it, so I added some of the refills for the scrapbook pages so that we will have room for more pictures and autographs.

Disney Autograph Books

Hailey made 2 books- this is her first one.  She figured out how she wanted everything set up and did it all herself.

Disney Autograph Books

Hailey’s other book with her favorite princess on the cover.

We did the inside of Hailey’s books the same as Hunter’s.  Every other page is cardstock and I added extra refill pages.  She loves to meet the characters and get autographs, so we needed a lot of pages.

Disney Autograph Books

 Just so you can see what the inside looks like- Hailey will have a character sign the cardstock.  When we get home she’ll add a picture of that character in the photo page.

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