Whale Craft

We are definitely enjoying learning all about the ocean and today we made a cute whale.

Whale Craft

Here’s what you’ll need: paint, something to paint with, a small cardboard planter box, pipe cleaners, construction paper and a sharpie.

Whale Craft

 We wanted our whale to be a light blue, so Hailey mixed some white paint in with the blue.

Whale Craft

 Then she painted the planter blue.

Whale Craft

Hunter painted his blue too.  (He had just woke up from nap and still looks half asleep!)

Whale Craft

We cut out the flukes to add to the back of the whale (and learned the real name).

Whale Craft

We added some pipe cleaner to his blowhole.

Whale Craft

Completed whales 🙂

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Inspiration credit: Pinterest

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2 comments on “Whale Craft

  1. bibi on said:

    Awww, how precious! What a great idea!!

  2. Natalie on said:

    Those whales look so cheerful – it’s hard to believe that they are made out of planters!

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