Mapping With Flat Stanley

Back in June we started a Flat Stanley project and we have been having some fun with his travels.  First he did a little traveling on the east, then he went out west for another adventure.  Right now he’s busy in Pennsylvania and we are looking forward to seeing some pictures of his travels.  I wanted Hailey not only see all the great pictures of where Stanley has been, but I also wanted her to see where these places are on the map.

Flat Stanley

On our US map Hailey put pushpins in for each of the locations that Flat Stanley has been.

Flat Stanley

I tried to get a little better picture so you can see the pushpins.  There is too much glare so it’s hard to see, but this is how we’re keeping track of where Stanley goes.

We can’t wait to add some more pushpins as Stanley does more traveling!

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2 comments on “Mapping With Flat Stanley

  1. Crystal @ Crystal's Tiny Treasures on said:

    I am hoping to do a Flat Stanley with my young children soon. If only they could really talk, the tales they would tell!

  2. Lanaasha Marshall on said:

    Is Flat Stanley an International Traveler???? Would he be interested in visiting my kids in the Bahamas??

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