Bee Crafty Kids- Jellyfish Craft

Welcome back to the Bee Crafty Kids link up that I am co-hosting with To The Moon and Back, Look! We’re Learning and Monster’s Ed Homeschooling Academy.

I can not believe that it’s already Friday again.  We have been so busy the last couple of weeks that we haven’t done very many activities, which is why I haven’t been posting much.  But here it is Friday again, so here is what we made for Bee Crafty Kids this week.

Jellyfish Craft

We are still learning about the ocean, so we made some jellyfish.

Jellyfish Craft

Here’s what you’ll need:
paper bowls
something to paint with
tissue paper
double sided tape
fishing line

Jellyfish Craft

Paint the paper bowls- Hailey decided to mix her colored paint with white paint to lighten up the colors.

Jellyfish Craft

Hunter took the painting very seriously.

Jellyfish Craft

Once the paint is dry, add some spots.

Jellyfish Craft

Hunter working on his jellyfish.

Then I turned away for a few seconds and turned back to see this:

Jellyfish Craft

Jellyfish Craft

You can’t see it very well, but there is paint on his other cheek too.

Jellyfish Craft

Once the paint is dry, put some fishing line through the center of the bowl.  I tied a knot and used tape to reinforce it.

Jellyfish Craft

Cut the tissue paper into strips, then use the the double sided tape to stick them to the inside of the bowl.

Jellyfish Craft

Hailey working on adding the tissue paper.

Jellyfish Craft

The completed jellyfish.

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