Solar System Craft

I think this is my favorite of all of our space themed crafts that we did. I love how these turned out!!

Solar System Craft

You’ll need: black construction paper, coffee filter, markers, scissors, white paint, glitter glue, regular glue, star stickers, 2 spray bottles

Solar System Craft

We did the first step outside so it wouldn’t make a big mess inside.  Put a small amount of white paint in one of the spray bottles and mix it with water.  Then spray it on your black construction paper.  This gives that galaxy look.

Solar System Craft

While that is drying, color the coffee filters with washable markers.

Solar System Craft

Then spray the coffee filters with water so that the marker spreads. When the coffee filters are dry (and it doesn’t take very long), cut out some circles to make planets.  We also used the Earth we made for Earth Day as one of our planets.

Solar System Craft

Glue the planets onto the construction paper.

Solar System Craft

Add some stars.  (Hunter used stickers, Hailey glued on sequence stars.)

Solar System Craft

Use the glitter glue to turn your stars into shooting stars.

Solar System Craft

Our completed projects.  I love these!!

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inspiration credit: Pinterest

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One comment on “Solar System Craft

  1. Ticia on said:

    This would make a great cover to an astronomy notebook, hopping over from Hearts for Home.

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