Paper Plate Earth

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You’ll need: a paper plate, blue paint, green tissue paper and possibly glue.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Hailey painted her plate blue for water.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Then she added green tissue paper to represent land.  Hailey did hers while the paint was still wet, so she did not need glue.  At first I told her to try to make it look like the actual earth but she said she just wanted it to be fun so I let her just do it however she wanted.  But if you wanted to make this into more of geography activity you could put the green tissue paper on to represent actual continents.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

We waited until Hunter’s plate was dry before adding his tissue paper, so he needed glue.  He really loves the glue stick.  Putting the pieces on is not as fun as putting glue on everything 🙂

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Hailey’s completed paper plate earth.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Hunter’s completed project.

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