Tot School

Tot School

Hunter is 14.5 months old

It was another week of sickness at our house 🙁  The only healthy day we had was Monday.  So, there wasn’t a whole lot of Tot School being done again.

Our theme this week was the color green and St. Patrick’s Day.


On Monday Hunter enjoyed playing with his green sensory bin.  He even brought the peas with him when we went to Hailey’s swimming lessons.  Most of Monday was spent doing errands, so that was all we did on Monday.  Tues- Thurs Hunter was too sick to do any Tot School- he had a fever and felt awful and just wanted to be held and snuggled all day.

By Friday Hunter was feeling better, although he was still quite whiny, and Hailey woke up sick.  We did do some Tot School on Friday, so here are a few pictures of what we did get done:


Hunter made this green Shamrock Suncatcher (original post here.)  Hunter loved the sticky contact paper and really understood what he was supposed to do.  When he would run out of pieces of tissue paper he would sign “more” and wait for more pieces to add.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

I put it up on our sliding glass door that goes to our deck and Hunter loves looking at it!

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

 I saw this idea on How We Montessori so I thought we would try it out.  I gave Hunter some of his yogurt melts to put in the tube, which he loved!  We also tried several of his smaller blocks and some of those fit as well.  I think the thing Hunter liked most about this activity was tearing the tape off and carrying it around.  We did this on Friday and he is still carrying around the blue tape today (Sunday).  I think he loves the sticky feeling.


We also made these Discovery Bottles- Hailey made one too and then decided she should write their names on the bottles so they wouldn’t get mixed up.  Inside each bottle is a St. Patrick’s Day necklace (from the dollar section at Target), pipe cleaner, beads, tissue paper, foam letters to spell their names, yarn and anything else I could find that was green.


The most important thing is that the bottle make noise when Hunter shakes it.  He doesn’t like his Discovery Bottles with liquid in them as much as he likes the ones that rattle when he shakes them.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Lastly I used an old wipes container and gave Hunter small rings to push inside.  He absolutely loved this activity and it was definitely his favorite of the week.  He sat and played with this for sooooo long!  He would fill it up with his rings, I would empty it and he would do it again.  Over and over and over!

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

And of course he had to shake it to see what kinds of noises it made.

Stop by 1+1+1=1 to see what the other tots were up to this week.  I hope we are back with a nice healthy week next week!

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