Fun With Bubbles

Hunter enjoyed his first sensory bin today.  I made some bubbles in a shallow bin for him to play in.  I just mixed water and Dawn dish detergent, then I drained the water out of the bin so that only the bubbles were left.

I set it up on the kitchen floor with a towel underneath it.  When I told Hunter to come sit down and see what we were going to do, he surprised me and followed my directions.  Just in the last week he has really started to follow directions (when he wants to, ha!).

At first he wouldn’t touch the bubbles, which surprised me because he loves bubbles in the bath tub.  Hailey had to put her hand in the bin and then put some on his hands before he would play with it.

Checking out the bubbles on his hands.

Ready to dig in on his own.

Since he’s been learning about farm animals I gave him a cow to play with in the bubbles, which actually helped keep him sitting down for a while.

This activity held his attention for a while, but eventually he just wanted to run away with the bin 🙂

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