With a Cluck Cluck Here…

…and a cluck cluck there…

Continuing with the farm animal theme, we made chicken handprints this week.  I saw this idea at Handprint and Footprint Art.

I painted Hunter’s hand white, which he thought was very funny.  I didn’t expect him to do it, but he clapped his hands together when I did it… resulting in 2 painted hands 🙂  Once the paint from his handprint dried I just added the head, feet, etc.  Hailey was using water colors at the table at the same time so I just used her water colors, but I would probably not recommend that as the colors really faded when the paint dried.

Hailey made a handprint chicken too!

I love handprint and footprint art… it’s really not that messy, especially if you’re prepared with some baby wipes right at the table with you.  Plus it’s such a cute keepsake!

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