What’s in Abraham Lincoln’s Hat?

Since president’s day is coming up Hailey has been learning about Abraham Lincoln.  She made a book about Abraham Lincoln– she colored it, read it and answered questions at the end of it.  We read a lot of information about Abraham Lincoln and talked quite a bit about him.  Hailey wanted to know how many people were killed during the civil war, so we ended up on this Civil War Facts site learning more about the Civil War.  We both really enjoyed learning about Abraham Lincoln.

Did you know that he used to keep things inside of his hat?  I just learned that this week 🙂  I saw this cute craftivity at A Cupcake for the Teacher and knew we had to do it.  I just found her site a couple of weeks ago and I love her ideas!!

Hailey made this Abraham Lincoln (I used a file folder for his face, I have not been able to find construction paper that color).  His hat has a flap on it that says “Lift Abraham Lincoln’s hat to see what Hailey would keep inside.”

Under the flap it says, “If I had Abraham Lincoln’s hat,_____” and then Hailey had to fill in what she would keep inside.  She wrote, “I would keep my brother in Abraham Lincoln’s hat with some food.”  Hahaha

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