Hunter’s First Week of Tot School

Tot School

Hunter is 12.5 Months

This is Hunter’s first week of Tot School!  He turned 1 back in December and now that the holidays are over we are ready to settle into a nice routine.  Hailey starred in many Tot School posts but I didn’t start with her when she was this young.  So, I’ve been busy searching for ideas to use with a 12 month old.  Here is how our first week went:

The things I am focusing on this week (and for however long Hunter stays interested) are: body parts and farm animals.

I put this picture up for Hunter to look at so we can practice body parts.  He was trying to point to “eyes.”  Mostly he just wanted to pull it off the wall.

He gave himself a little hug and said, “awwww.”

Hunter LOVES this book about farm animals.  He points to an animal and then waits for me to make the animal noise.  When I ask him what noise an animal makes he smiles and either says “baaa” or “mooo” no matter which animal it is.

Hunter had fun playing with the animals in his barn.

This next activity was pretty simple. I put some shaving cream in a Ziploc bag, pushed most of the air out, and sealed it shut.

Hunter checked out the bag: he squeezed it, felt it, used it as a phone and held it up to his ear to talk, smelled it, etc. When he was done doing that, I added some farm animals.

I pushed the animals on to the bag to show Hunter how it left an indentation, so he did the same thing.

This kept Hunter busy for a while (well, a while for a 1 year old!) and he seemed to really enjoy it!

This was Hailey’s when she was younger and Hunter had never seen it before- he thought it was great!!

We also made some Discovery Bottles this week:

Hailey helped make the bottles, and decided she should make one for herself too.

The one on the left is water and glitter.  Next is water, vegetable oil, blue food coloring (we used too much, we probably only needed a few drops) and sequence.  The next one also has water, vegetable oil, and sequence, but Hailey added pink food coloring to this one.  The last one has just sequence in it- this one seems to be Hunter’s favorite, probably because it makes noise.

He loves the discovery bottles!

I think Hunter’s first week of Tot School was a success!  Stop by 1+1+1=1 to see some more Tot School Posts.

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