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This is the gift that Hailey made for her grandparents last year for Christmas.

Here is what you’ll need: an old gift box, construction paper, red and white paint, something to paint with, a fine tip marker, sequence, glue and a pipe cleaner.

Paint your child’s hand white.

Press onto the paper.

Whenever we do a project that involves a hand print I always have extra paper there for Hailey to make hand prints on once I am done with her- so here she is having fun stamping her hand prints all over the paper.

From the box- cut 2 squares. Cut the center out of one of the squares- this will be your frame.

Paint the frame.

Once the frame is dry, add some sequence or any kind of decoration you want.

Sorry for the blurriness of this picture. Anyhoo- write your poem on construction paper. Or if you have messy handwriting like I do, just print it out. This is the poem we are using:

This is the hand
you used to hold
when I was only
2 years old

Of course you can use any poem you want.

Put everything together.

We then put a magnet on the back of this so it could hang on the refrigerator.  A cute and easy keepsake.

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