Christmas Tree Craft

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Since going back to work about a month ago I have been really struggling with finding time to post crafts.  I am going to repost some of our Christmas crafts from last year in case you’re looking for ideas.  I really hope to be able to find time to post a few new ones too.  Hopefully after the busyness of the holidays is over I’ll have a bit of extra time to get back to posting some crafts.

Anyways- here’s an easy Christmas Tree project:

Here’s what you’ll need: a piece of blue construction paper, 3 green triangles- small, medium and large, a small brown rectangle, glue, glitter glue, sequence (and whatever else you want to use to decorate your tree).

Glue the triangles and the rectangle onto the blue paper to make a Christmas tree.

Glue the sequence on the tree.

Add some glitter glue (or just regular glitter if you don’t mind the mess).

The finished Christmas tree.

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2 comments on “Christmas Tree Craft

  1. Thanks for ALL your wonderful ideas!!!

  2. Michelle Jamie on said:

    Love this idea!

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