Summer Plans

Summer vacation has officially started and Hailey has plans of keeping busy by doing school work all summer.  So, to keep her busy and happy I have made some plans for this summer.  Today was our first day- and while she wants to work all day long, I told her we would do school work in the morning and she would spend the afternoon playing and relaxing.

Here are a couple of things we did today:

Since I do not have a place to put a word wall, we made a word folder.  We have sight words, color words, number words and days of the week in here.  We’ll be adding more sight words throughout the summer.

We also made a schedule today of what we will do each morning.  For art time Hailey drew pictures to go with our schedule.

For the most part I will just be posting the different art activities that we do.  Since Hailey is home and I actually have someone to do crafts with hopefully I’ll be posting more than once a week!

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