Yarn Egg

We’re continuing our Easter theme this week with this yarn egg.

First Hailey tried to blow up a balloon.

Once it was blown up (not by Hailey) we tied a string on it.

We mixed together equal parts of glue and water…

cut up some Easter colored yarn…

then wrapped the yarn around the balloon.  (We put a chair up on the table and then hung the balloon from it so we could work on it.)  The Yarn was falling off the balloon, so I remixed the glue/water and used less water.

We probably should have added more yarn to the balloon- but it kept sliding off and I was getting frustrated.  If you’ve ever made this before- do you have any idea why the yarn was falling off?

Once it was completely dry we carefully popped the balloon and pulled the balloon out.

Our finished yarn egg hanging in our dining room.

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2 comments on “Yarn Egg

  1. amanda on said:

    Next time try removing the excess glue/water before putting the yarn on the baloon.

  2. Lakshmi on said:

    This is a cool craft.
    Perhaps you should dip the yarn in the glue/water mixture, instead of coating the balloon with glue ? I don’t know..I am just wild guessing here…

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