More Shamrock Fun

Here are a couple of activities that we did with shamrocks:

We wanted to try making a crystal shamrock and thought it would be fun if we could make the crystals green.  I boiled 3 cups of water and we added 1/4 cup of borax (you can find it in the laundry aisle).  We used a green piece of water coloring to turn the water green because we were all out of green food coloring.

Then we used white pipe cleaners and shaped them (as well as we could) like shamrocks.  We tied them to a pencil and put them in the borax/water mixture.  I put it where it would not be disturbed and left it until the next day.

The crystal shamrock.  It did not end up looking very green (or a whole lot like a shamrock!), but it was fun anyways.

Then we made another shamrock.

Cut up some yarn- we used 2 different colors of green.

Then I mixed 1/2 cup of water and 1/4 cup of corn starch.  Put it on the stove and slowly heat it.  It starts out looking kind of milky and then it gets thick very quickly.  Once it is thick, remove it from the heat.

Mix your yarn into the glue mixture.

Ideally we would have used a shamrock shaped cookie cutter, but I could not find one anywhere.  So I used a sponge and did my best to cut out a shamrock shape.  Take the yarn and wipe the excess glue off using your fingers (this part is messy so be ready with some paper towels!).  Press into your shamrock shape.  I have it laying on wax paper.  Then I took another piece of wax paper to hold on the yarn while I removed the sponge.

Let it dry over night.

Our finished shamrock shape.

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One comment on “More Shamrock Fun

  1. Tammy on said:

    We loved making borax shamrock’s in our house as well. I had a hard time convincing the kiddos that they needed to come down so we could get ready for easter!

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