Hailey saw this helicopter activity in one of my Mailbox magazines and wanted to try it.

This is a pattern from a Mailbox magazine but it would be pretty easy to draw.  I laminated it and cut it out.  Then I cut on the dotted line.

Hailey decorated her helicopter with stickers.

I folded the bottom up about a 1/2 inch and put a paper clip on it.  Then I folded the top part in opposite directions.  Then we held it high up in the air and dropped it.  The directions had said to hold it about 5 feet in the air but I had to hold it up next to the ceiling in order for it to spin a couple of times before hitting the ground.

Hailey also made a stop sign.  I wrote STOP using a white crayon on a piece of cardstock.  Then she painted it red using water colors.

Here’s a picture of Hailey enjoying the town we made yesterday.

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