Winter Fun Activities

Here’s some of the activities we did during the week:

We made a crystal.  Hailey shaped a pipe cleaner into a “snowflake.”  Then we took 1 cup of boiling water and 3 tbsp of Borax and mixed them together in a wide mouthed jar.  We stirred it up until the Borax was dissolved.  We tied the pipe cleaner to another pipe cleaner to prop it up on the top of the jar.  After about an hour we could see crystals starting to form.  We left it in overnight just to see what would happen.

Hailey’s snowflake.  You can add food coloring too if you want to make different colors.

This picture was made during story time at the library using Epsom salt- first decorate a snowman and glue it on.  Then take hot water and dissolve epsom salt in the water.  Then brush it over the whole paper with a paint brush.  As it dries crystals will form on the paper.

We made a snowman out of glue.  Put glue on wax paper in the shape of a snowman.

Spread some glitter onto your snowman (or dump the whole bottle like Hailey did ;-) ).

Decorate your snowman.

Once the glue dries (ours took a couple of days to completely dry) you can peel your snowman off of the wax paper.

Hailey circled different items that you would need in the cold weather.

Then she colored a picture by following the directions for what color to color each part of the snowman.

All of the following are printables I got from Isty Bitsy Learners:

Hailey read a book about the different activities you can do in the winter.  Each page starts with “You can” and then she is able to figure out the rest by looking at the picture.  For example “You can skate.”  She loves that she can read the book by herself.

I called out different letters and Hailey had to find the letter and cover it up with a snowflake.

We played a game where we had to roll the dice and them move a snowman.

This printable says, “The children are throwing ____ snowballs.”  Hailey put different numbers in the blank then counted out that number of cotton balls to put on the paper.

I also printed out pages for Hailey to practice writing her letters.  First she traced the letters then wrote them by herself.  She did a great job writing the letters and then asked for more paper to write more words.  (Notice her brown fingernails from some of the groundhog day art projects we had done earlier in the day using brown paint.)

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  1. Michelle Willow on said:

    Love that little glitter snowman! :) Come and join us at High Paw: http://best-toys-for-toddler.blogspot.com/

  2. Looks like great fun! Hope you’ll pop over to my silly little blog and share if you get a chance.

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