Will the Groundhog See His Shadow?

Hailey’s prediction is that yes, the groundhog will see his shadow.  Her reasoning is that if you look outside and see all the snow it seems like winter is not leaving anytime soon.

Hailey painted a styrofoam ball brown.  I added a little bit of glue to the paint otherwise it chips right off the ball.

Then on a cup she added flowers to one side.

Once the paint was dry she made the brown ball look like a groundhog by adding eyes, nose and mouth.  We put the groundhog onto a craft stick.

I cut a slit in the bottom of the cup.  The groundhog can pop out of his hole and see his shadow, meaning more winter…

or not see his shadow, meaning an early spring.

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3 comments on “Will the Groundhog See His Shadow?

  1. Very cute!

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