Presidents Day Activities

We did a few activities today to celebrate Presidents Day.

First Hailey found an Abraham Lincoln mask in one of my Mailbox magazines that she wanted to make.  I cut the middle out of a paper plate and then she painted it.

I cut out a hat and glued some popsicle sticks on.  I used clothes pins hold everything together until the glue dried.

Abraham Lincoln

Next we made George Washington’s cherry tree.  I traced Hailey’s arm and hand in pencil and then she painted inside the lines to make the tree.  (I found this idea at Preschool Playbook.)

Painting the top green.

The finished cherry tree.

Next we made Abraham Lincoln’s house.  Hailey glued some popsicle sticks on to make the house.  (I also found this idea at Preschool Playbook.)

Abraham Lincoln’s finished house.

Then we did a little experiment to see if we could clean some pennies.  Hailey mixed 1 tsp of salt with 1/4 cup of vinegar.

We found some dirty pennies.

As soon as Hailey dropped them into the mixture they started coming clean.  It made a big difference!

Happy Presidents Day!

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5 comments on “Presidents Day Activities

  1. Wow – what a great day of fun!

  2. Sharon Brumfield on said:

    She is getting so big…..what a beautiful girl she has become. Hard to believe she was the same little one that you used to blog about.
    Glad to see her enjoying crafts….I miss this stage with Julia.

  3. Candace @ NaturallyEducational on said:

    Fun! We also cleaned coins. We tried a few different solutions and then my husband suggested hot sauce–we later did the research and found out it was the vinegar & salt in the hot sauce that made it so effective!

    Visiting from Science Sunday!

  4. Kristi @ Creative Connections for Kids on said:

    So many great ideas, but the Lincoln hat is adorable and the penny transformation is awesome.

  5. Ticia on said:

    This is one of those things I keep meaning to do, but haven’t yet. Every time I see a dirty penny I remember it.

    I’ve heard you can also do this with ketchup, so I’ve got an idea percolating in my brain…..

    Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!

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