How Many Teeth?

We did a very simple activity to help Hailey learn how many teeth she has.

First she rolled out some pink playdough into a snake.

Then she formed those “snakes” into the gums of her mouth.  Then she counted out 10 beans for the top half and 10 beans for the bottom half of her mouth.

She stuck the “teeth” into the “gums.”

Her finished mouth… looks like this poor mouth is going to need some braces. (I got this idea from Preschool Playbook.)

Then we did a few activities with some Clifford learning magazines from Scholastic.

Hailey had to color and cut out things that are good for our teeth.  Then she glued them to a tooth.

She did a toothpaste maze.

And circled items that are healthy for our teeth.

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One comment on “How Many Teeth?

  1. Love your ideas! So clever! Thanks!

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