Animals in the Winter

This week Hailey is learning all about what animals do during the winter.  We read several books about hibernating and have talked about hibernating, migrating and adapting.

Hailey made a book about where all the different animals sleep during the winter.

Here is the completed book- printables for this can be found at Itsy Bitsy Learners.

Then we learned about how the snowshoe hare adapts during the winter.

The snowshoe hare started out brown but then lost that fur and it grew back in white.  So Hailey painted a brown rabbit with white paint.

Then she added some cotton.

The completed snowshoe hare.

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4 comments on “Animals in the Winter

  1. Jenny Vanover (KinderDoodles) on said:

    My team is looking for the printables you were using from littlebittylearners.blogspot.com however that blog is no longer active. Can we get them from you or do you know of another way to contact the blog owner?? THANK YOU!

  2. Just wondering if there is a different link for the printable book. THe link you posted doesn’t work. Thank you!

  3. Kat Hamilton on said:

    I am unable to pull up the littlebittylearners website. It keeps sending me to Godaddy.com. Is there another way to get those wonderful printables that you featured?

  4. kelly vanasse on said:

    I too, cannot download the winter printable’s. Please tell me there is another way!! :)

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