Letter of the Week- Letter L

Hailey glued some sequence onto the Letter L template.

For Hailey’s alphabet book she made a Ladybug.  She cut out a big red circle for the body, added some spots, a head, eyes and antenna.  Then she added some green paint for grass.

Ll is for Ladybug.

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One comment on “Letter of the Week- Letter L

  1. Hello! I love your blog and all of the craft ideas! My favorite is the alphabet book, we started that today! My little boy loves it 🙂

    I wanted to find out where you got the printable for the “Starts with the Letter”…it is the one where your little girl colored about 6 different things that start with the same letter, I read your idea about cutting them out and making little mini books for each letter.

    I have searched everywhere for a free printable similar to that one and have had no luck…

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