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It took my forever to get all of the issues sorted out with my categories after Rich moved me to a new host.  I went from having over 50 pages of categories (in the admin area) down to 2 pages.  I had to delete each category one at a time otherwise I would get an error message.  So, I should be back up and running and posting new crafts.  The only problem right now is that some of my links in my posts will no longer work since the categories were so messed up.  I’ll work on getting that fixed sometime soon.  Please let me know if you are having any problems with any part of my blog.

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One comment on “Back Up and Running

  1. jenni on said:

    Sorry to post as comment, didn’t know how to contact you…

    I have a few opportunities and am looking for some bloggers to help (with benefits to you of course!)… please respond if you want to partner in one of these ways (or have another idea!)…

    1 – Product reviews: I’d love some product reviews (happy to send full course to you for totally free) and get you to review on your blog with some links to my site.

    2 – Giveaway: I’d be happy to host a giveaway on your blog for one of your readers to win the course.

    3 – Affiliate: I could offer you a unique coupon code to share with your readers and they would get a discount, plus you would get a portion of the sales. (This is my favorite because you can earn a good bit if you have interested blog readers.)

    4 – Guest blogger for your blog: I could write a post myself about MissTutu.com for you to post and share with your readers.

    This is a new course but the other courses I’ve put together have been very popular…one I’m selling over 500 per month. Just so you know that I know what I’m doing and provide real courses of value.

    Please contact me, I’d like to get this rolling as soon as possible since my site just launched a few weeks ago

    Thanks! 🙂

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