Indoor Snowman

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Here’s an idea we made last year when it was way too cold to play outside.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

3 boxes- small, medium and large, wrapping paper, scissors, tape, glue, construction paper and 2 things you can use for the snowman’s arms.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

In the medium sized box- cut a small hole on 2 sides for the arms.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Turn your wrapping paper inside out and wrap the boxes with the white side showing. Put the arms through the holes in the middle sized box.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Make a face on the smallest box and add a hat.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Add some buttons to the medium sized box.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Hailey loved the snowman.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

She loved taking him apart and putting him back together (we had to change the hat because the other one would not stay on).

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Hailey dancing with the snowman.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

And she thought it was funny to put him together the “wrong” way.

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3 comments on “Indoor Snowman

  1. Sheila on said:

    How cute!

  2. jennifer on said:

    That is super cute.

  3. That’s way cute, and Miss Hailey is adorable!

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