Taking a Crafty Break

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Last week Hailey and I took a little break from doing crafts.  We usually do at least one craft everyday but it was time for a little break.  Lately when we do anything involving paint or glue the only thing Hailey wants to do is eat the paint and glue.  She has always wanted to taste it now and then, but lately she doesn’t even want to do the projects because she wants to just eat our supplies.  So, we took last week off- and since my posting is one week behind our projects that means I don’t have any crafts to post about this week.  We are going to do a few things this week and see how it goes, so I should be back to posting my crafts next week.  In the mean time if anyone has any advice on how to stop toddlers from eating paint and glue- please share!

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  1. Mozi Esme's Mommy on said:

    What is it with the eating thing?! I for some reason thought we’d finally progessed enough to try an uncooked rice sensory exercise today, and sure enough, the rice started to find its way into Esme’s mouth. Why why why? When she won’t eat the real food I give her?

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