Number, Shape and Color Activities

Last week we worked on the number 4, the color orange and the triangle.  Here are some of our activities:

Hailey painted a number 4- you’ll need construction paper with the number 4 on it, another piece of construction paper in a different color, paint and something to paint with- we used the bow.

Hailey stamping the paint onto the 4.

The finished number 4.

For our orange project:

You’ll need orange tissue paper, a small piece of green tissue paper, glue and a paper plate.

Rip apart the orange tissue paper.  (Great for those little muscles in their hands!)

Glue the orange tissue paper on to the plate and add a green stem.  Now you have a pumpkin.

For our triangle activity:

You’ll need: paint, a sponge, a paper plate and a piece of paper.

Stamp the triangle sponge onto the paper.  Fun, fun!

Stop back tomorrow to see our Noah activities from last week.

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