More Fall Fun

Our theme again last week was fall and we did several fun activities.  Here are some of the things we did:

We had 2 sets of pumpkins in various colors.  I put one set out on the table and gave Hailey the other set.  She matched up the colors.  This is a great way to practice color names.

We made pumpkin prints- here’s what you’ll need: green and orange paint, paper and a paper plate.

Dip the top part of your child’s fist into the orange paint then make prints on the paper.

Then use your finger to add a green stem.  If you do this with an older child the prints might actually look like pumpkins.  But, Hailey did not want any help and did not want me to show her how to do it- so she had fun but they don’t exactly look like pumpkins.

I made a pumpkin patch then put pieces of Velcro on the patch.  Then I added some pumpkins that have Velcro on their backs.  We sang this song to the tune of “Clementine:”

I saw a pumpkin
a big fat pumpkin
It was hanging on a vine
Hailey came along and picked it
took it home
and said, “It’s mine.”

And as we sang the song Hailey would go pick a pumpkin off of the patch during the “Hailey came along and picked it” line.

Lastly we made an acorn:

First you’ll need to paint a brown piece of paper with a darker shade of brown.

Once the paint dries, rip apart the paper.  Also, rip apart a piece of regular brown paper.

Glue the lighter colored brown paper to the top of the acorn and the brown paper that was painted to the bottom of the acorn.

The finished acorn.

Come back tomorrow to see our number, shape and color activities from last week.

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