Orange and Triangles

Again this week our color is orange and our shape is the triangle.  Here are the activities we did:

Sponge painting- you’ll need: paper, pumpkin shaped sponge (I did my best but Hailey thought it was an apple.), orange paint and paper.

Hailey enjoying painting with the pumpkin sponge.

And for our triangle activity:

Since our shape last month was the circle, I decided to use a circle in this activity.  I put a large triangle and a large circle on this piece of paper.  Then I cut out a bunch of small circles and triangles.

Then I had Hailey put the small circles on the big circle and small triangles on the big triangle.

Once she understood what we were doing, we added some glue and she glued the pieces on the right places.  This is also a great activity for practicing colors.

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