Creation Days 6 and 7

We finished up our Creation theme with days 6 and 7.

For day 6 you will need: glue, card stock, picture of your child, picture of various animals, paper that says “Day 6” and paper that says “God created animals and people.”

Have your child glue his/her picture in the middle of the paper and then put the pictures of the animals all around.

Finished Day 6- God created animals and people.

For day 7 you will need card stock, glue, a paper that says “Day 7,” a paper that says “God rested,” a picture of the earth and a heart.  When I sent these images to the printer they were much bigger.  I’m not sure why they ended up so small when I actually printed them.  Then I was having some computer and printer problems and didn’t want to deal with the hassle of reprinting them.  But, I wanted them to be much bigger.

The finished Day 7- God rested.

You see all of the days from our creation series at Story of Creation.

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2 comments on “Creation Days 6 and 7

  1. 4funboys on said:

    great idea!

  2. . Pateine Meafou on said:

    Wow!! Wonderful guidelines for my bible lesson, and this is exactly where I am. Thanks for sharing your ideas. It helps me a lot

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