Story of Creation- Day 3

This week we continued learning about the 7 days of creation.  Hailey is still working on her memory verse- “God created all things.  John 1:3”  She can say it with prompting and it is incredibly cute.

We made a nature collage, emphasizing that God made all of these things.

Here’s what you’ll need: Go for a walk (or right to your back yard) and collect various pieces of nature.  We have some flowers, leaves, grass, sticks, etc.  And you’ll also need some clear contact paper.

Stick your pieces of nature to the contact paper.

Add a piece of contact paper to the other side to seal your project.  Hang it up on the refrigerator.

Then we made our Day 3 picture to add to the first two days we already made.

Here’s what you’ll need: card-stock, sandpaper for land, tree shape, green for leaves on tree, green for grass, flower stickers, glue, piece of paper that says “Day 3” and paper that says “God created the land with grass, trees and flowers.”

Put everything together.

The finished picture for day 3.

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2 comments on “Story of Creation- Day 3

  1. How fun! I love the idea of going through the 7 days of creation! I’m going to have to do this with my son.

  2. Those are neat crafts to teach the days of creation!

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