Our theme for the next couple of weeks will be apples.  So, to kick off our apple learning we went on a trip to pick apples.

Hailey gets a boost up to reach some of the apples up at the top.

Hailey loved picking the apples.  She would pick one, take a little bite, and then move on to the next apple.

Later on that day we made our own apple tree.

Here’s what you’ll need: paper towel holder, paper plate, green construction paper, two pieces of green construction paper cut into a tree shape, paint brush, brown paint, glue, apple stickers.

Put the apple stickers onto the green pieces shaped like trees.  Or you could use red pom-poms for your apples but we didn’t have any.

Paint the paper towel holder brown.

Glue the your green pieces onto the paper towel holder.

Cut a piece of green construction paper to fit on the paper plate and glue it on.

Once the tree dries, cut four slits in the bottom of the tree.  Bend the pieces and glue onto your plate covered with green paper.

The finished apple tree.

Hailey also practiced spelling her name on the apple shaped cards.

We have been reading a lot of books about apples but these are Hailey’s favorites:

The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall

Apple Harvest by Calvin Harris

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4 comments on “Apples

  1. teaching tinytots on said:

    love your trees! how did she like picking apples?? my LO was the one out of all of us who got the most and they were all good apples too! she loved it!

  2. Grandmother Wren on said:

    Wonderful pictures of your trip to the orchard!
    And your tree project!
    I’ll be using that for an apple activity very soon –

  3. Ashley on said:

    I love the tree project. We did your butterfly project with the coffee filters and markers this week at school. The children loved it.

  4. Paula Dumas on said:

    This is super cute! I LOVE this idea. Thanks

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