Playdough Fun

Hailey loves playing with playdough.  She asks every single day if she can play with it. 

Playdough is a great learning tool for toddlers.  It can be used to teach colors and shapes, letters and numbers.  It can be used to talk about textures and to strengthen the muscles in your toddlers hands. 



When Hailey plays with playdough I provide her with some “tools” such as a rolling pin, Popsicle sticks, straw, cookie cutters, etc.  Or sometimes I don’t give her any tools so that she can just use her imagination. 

There are some great playdough recipes for making it yourself, which is great to do with toddlers too.  So far though we have just used the store bought playdough.

Every time we use the playdough Hailey insists that we write certain names like Pa, Grandma, Daddy, Dottie and Brooke. 




And we also take time to make some shapes and practice saying their names.

Playdough is cheap and fun and easy to clean up.  It’s an all around great activity for toddlers and preschoolers.  And it just so happens that I love to play with it too!







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  1. Ladyterri on said:

    Miss Hailey looks like she is haveing a delightful time! When my kids were young they did the play dough but man it was really hard getting that out of the carpet when it dried :)

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