Open Ended Painting

For toddlers painting (or any “art” activity) is all about the process.  Toddlers don’t care much about what they are making, so long as they are having fun making it.

Finger painting is a great activity to do with toddlers.  Most of them love getting messy (although some do not like it and that is perfectly normal too).  And they are curious about how it feels.  It’s great for talking about colors and for mixing primary colors together to see what happens. 

This activity for finger painting is perfect for toddlers- or anyone really.

What you’ll need:

Finger paint




Put some finger paint on the highchair or table and let your toddler paint the table. 

 Hailey loved painting her tray.

When she was done I took a piece of paper and and pressed it onto her painting- a way to save the painting she had done. 

The finished pictures, hanging to dry.

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0 comments on “Open Ended Painting

  1. Spice on said:

    What a cool idea!

  2. aldon @ orient lodge on said:

    Great post! I remember fondly when my daughters were toddlers and loved finger painting. It is all about the process.

    On thing we used to do was strip them down to their diapers and put them in an empty bathtub with the finger paints. When they were done, we took out the paper and hung it up to dry and then rinsed them off and gave them their baths.

    There were times that they managed to cover themselves more than they covered the paper, but that too was part of the process and made some great, temporary art.

    I’m sure we have pictures somewhere.

  3. Christina on said:

    She looks like she is having a blast! Great post!!

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