Alphabet Fun

I recently started making a new alphabet book for Hailey. This is a really simple way to practice letters. Just squirt some finger paint onto a plate. Enjoy playing with the finger paint- write words, letters, numbers. Draw pictures or just play with it. Then when your child is done playing with the paint you can write the letter you want to be on the plate when it dries. Once the plates are dry you can put them together to make a book. Hailey loves her book!

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7 comments on “Alphabet Fun

  1. What a creative way for learning! And I believe Hailey had a lot of fun doing it too. It is a good way to learn through fun and activities. It will make them look forward to learning. The bonding will be great too!

  2. You blog is nice and such wonderfdul ideas for children

  3. I also like to add that is wonderful that you have other activites

  4. H.E.Eigler on said:

    what a great idea! thanks for sharing it 🙂

  5. LOVE the idea. great blog. You are so creative. thanks for sharing!

  6. DineometerDeb on said:

    Finger paints are a good way to learn letters I have heard, because you use tactile learning and visual learning and if you say the letter, auditory.

  7. Military Wife on said:

    Wonderful idea!
    If you cover the plates with clear contact paper they will be more durable and wont tear.

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