The Letter C

At the beginning of April I started teaching Hailey her letters.  I pick one letter and concentrate on that letter for two weeks.  I do different activities with her about that letter during those two weeks.  Last week I started concentrating on the letter C.

For each letter we use Hailey’s toys to make the letter that I am teaching her.  Then I take pictures and print out a few of them.  I am using the ones I print out to create an ABC book.  Since we’ve only done A-C that is all of the pages we have right now.  I will continue to add letters to the book as I introduce them to Hailey.




At first I was going to use contact paper on each page, but that uses up an awful lot of contact paper.  So, I’m putting the pages into page protectors instead.  I put a piece of tape across the top of the page protector so that Hailey can’t pull the pages out.  We’ll see how well that works.  Then I’m using those metal rings to hold it all together.  I’ll post pictures of the actual book later.

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4 comments on “The Letter C

  1. Tiffany on said:

    I love your blog. I clicked on your name from the mommyfest page. That is a great idea for learning letters! I love to see the fun things others do with their children!

  2. If you have a laminator, you could do that as well, since she won’t be able to take the pages out of the page protectors!

  3. Laura on said:

    What a cute idea. I’m going to have my 4 year old son make the letters and find things around the house that start with that letter. We’ll put it together for his younger sister.
    You could also take a trip to the zoo and take picts of the animals. Use them on the letter pages too!

  4. gina on said:

    I like the idea behind this blog!

    I made for each of my girls when they turn four (Mack didn’t get one yet) and ABC scrapbbok filled with people, places and things that start with each letter. Even now, they still love looking through these books filled with things and people that were important to them when they were little. 🙂

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